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Bio: The Profit Prophet

MC Cashback
The Profit Prophet: MC Cashback

The corporate outsider. The man of many names. He sees profits where others cannot. WSP’s bad boy CEO. He is the Prophet of Profit. MC Cashback. Barely shaven, without a tie, and never wearing dress shoes – this playa may seem out of place in many boardrooms (bored rooms) – but when the money rolls in, tired corporate culture rolls out.

Cashback brings the cash back – attacks the track and always makes stack. Never lacks, is wack, or ever takes smack. Cause he’s Cashback – The Profit Prophet. An oracle for cash with a cache of rhymes to hit your auricle. It’s historical – setting precedents – financial gainsta rap is taking precedence – so watch your CEO’s and warn your presidents. Cause we’re the pros of prose – and foes of fauxs – no false prophets here. No fear, Cashback and the Playaz always in the clear.