Wall Street Playaz


Bio: Whosiewhats‽

Whosiewhats‽ in the place, rocking time and space
the old guard dropped the ball and that’s a big disgrace
trying to make me lose money just to save some face
Whosiewhats‽ steps back to watch you fall from grace
a financial genius with a chip on his shoulder
rolling through the market like an avalanche boulder
like a run away train with the break lines cut
always following his instinct following his gut
with no formal training Whosie‽ sticks to his plan
to make a lot of money cuz Whoshiewhats‽ is the man

From the potholes of Shaolin he began his climb
to conquer the world through investing in rhyme
a reverend, a rapper, a corporate exec
when he steps to the mic he always comes correct
well versed in telecom, pharma and corporate tax
some people think he’s a myth but they ain’t checking the facts
pursued by investors and hunted by the Fed
he even bleeds black, Whosie’s never seen red
he’s done the impossible despite all the naysayers
Whosiewhats‽ – founder of the Wall Street Playaz